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Kids Club

Looking for things for the kids to do while on holidays? Well our kids holiday program is just the ticket. During the school holidays, we go next level to provide an engaging and fun experience for kids of all ages. From Movie Nights, to Pool Games, to Dance Classes to rock climbing and everything in between, there is something for all kids. No two holidays are the same and we are always looking for adding new and fun activities. Stay tuned for the upcoming holidays on

Rock Climbing

Get the kids to burn some energy when we erect the climbing wall for supervised rocking climbing. When they get to the top, these kids probably have the best view of Caloundra as they look down the passage from the second storey.

Science Shows

Not only is the holiday program fun, it can at times also be educational. A favourite is our science show with wacky experiments and audience participation. Let your kids tap their inner science nerd whilst also having fun.

Wildlife Shows

We invite a mobile zoo into the park during the holidays for a popular show for both kids and big kids alike. The kids get the opportunity to get up close and personal with snakes, birds, marsupials and even a crocodile.

Pool Games

We take playing in the pool to the next level with a bunch games and activities for kids of all ages. This is a favourite of the kids.

Movie Night

During school holidays, a couple of nights a week, enjoy a movie on the big screen under the stars. It is also a great opportunity for parents to sit-back and enjoy the balmy evenings chatting with their neighbours and new-found friends.

Face Painting

Let your junior Catwoman or Spiderman get into costume with our fantastic face painting sessions which are a regular fixture during the school holidays.

Big Kids (Adults)

In addition to that, we also run a bunch of park activities for the family including wood fired pizza nights, live music and food truck nights. We also have a coffee and drinks van stationed in the park during school holidays.

Nerf Wars & Zorb Soccer

We also run from time to time, Nerf Wars and Zorb soccer. Want to tire the kids and get them to bed early, we can recommend that.

Dance Classes

We often hold hip-hop dance classes and recently launched Ballet introduction Classes for our junior guests.